Body Contouring after Massive weight Loss surgery

Dr. Abhay Agrawal
Dr. Abhay Agrawal

Obesity refers to a patients weight more than that for his height. Most commonly used formula used to quantify Obesity is Body mass Index (BMI). 

BMI = Kg/m2

18.5-24.9Normal Weight
30.0-34.9Class I – Obesity
35.0-39.9Class II – Obesity
40.0-49.9Class III – morbid obesity
>50.0Class III – super obesity

The prevalence of Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate and affecting the younger population even more. The causes of obesity are multifactorial and not as simple as earlier thought. Obesity in itself is very important and independent factor predisposing to multiple health co-morbidities like Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Heart diseases etc. Patients opt for surgery to reduce Obesity after conservative measures have failed and these surgeries have proven to be effective. Long term results of these surgeries result in Massive Weight loss of the patient. 

Role of Cosmetic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss (MWL)

Massive Weight loss is defined as weight loss of more than 22kgs. With this amount of weight loss, the patients tend to have excess skin which becomes trouble some and in turn leads to problems such as hanging of excess skin in form of folds, physical, functional, hygienic problems and also psychological problems affecting the quality of life of these patients. These patients then seek Body Contouring Surgery post MWL.

Body Contouring Surgery in MWL patients 

The various techniques for Body Contouring Surgery have the same priniples of Plasti SUgrery as in other non-Obese patients. These can be enumerated as –

  1. Abdominal Contouring – abdominoplasty
  2. Belt Lipectomy – Lower body circumferential surgery
  3. Thigh Lifts
  4. Arm lifts
  5. Breast Lifts/Surgery

Safety Precautions 

These patients need extra care in view of their altered physiological demands. Our expert and experienced anesthesia team are well versed with this and take utmost care. 

Planning for surgery 

Planning of the surgery and optimization of the surgical goals is very important in reconstructive surgery following massive weight loss and we have an in-depth discussion with the patient prior to surgery and clearly outline the planned surgical goals and expected outcomes from the surgery.

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