Skin Grafting Surgery

Dr. Abhay Agrawal
Dr. Abhay Agrawal

Split thickness Skin Grafting is the first surgery we learn during our Plastic Surgery residency programme. Its a surgery where by harvest skin from a part of the body (most commonly, the thigh) to cover a wound or defect in another part of the body. 

The area where we take skin from (Donor area) heals by itself in 10-14 days by dressings only. Similarly, the recipient area (where we have grafted the skin) also heals in about 2 weeks time. 

Depending upon the thickness of the free skin graft harvested, it is commonly divided in 3 ways – 

  1. Thin Split thickness grafts 
  2. Intermediate Spilt thickness grafts
  3. Thick split thickness grafts.

All these have different indications and the Plastic surgeon harvest the grafts as is the need in the surgery. 

Then there is the Full thickness skin graft, which we shall discuss in our next post. 

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