Acute Burns Care

The right treatment of Burns at its initial stage is extremely important in Acute Burn management. It includes the correct treatment in the form of medications, dressings and surgeries as needed.

Right primary treatment is also very important to prevent long term sequalae & complications of burns such as Hypertrophic scars, burn contractures and deformities.

We put  Burn treatment as one of our top priority works and ensure the patient receives the right treatment at the right time.

We only treat minor burns (20%) at the moment, which do not need ICU care as we not equipped with a Critical Care Infrastructure.

Burn Contractures

Commonly seen in patients as a long term complication. It is mostly due to inadequate physiotherapy or poor patient compliance, which leads to contracture of burned body parts. Most commonly contractures seen are of fingers & hand, Neck, Axilla, Elbow & Knee.


We take pride in our team to be able to provide a multidisciplinary approach to such patients to cure and improve their quality of life.

CO2 fractional laser treatment of Scars

Our center is equipped with one of the best machines to treat Scars – the Pixel Co2 – CO2 fractional laser machine by Alma.


The fractional CO2 laser is the ideal  machine for treatment of Burns scars who have failed conventional measures of scar treatment like pressure garments and steroids injections. To know more, please visit our page on Lasers 


Useful First Aid measures for Burns

A. Move Away

Moving away from the source and removing any burnt clothing is primarily the first step in stopping the burn damage to your skin. Removal of all jewellery or any material which can retain heat and be an additional source should be removed immediately.

B. Cool the burned area

This is the most important guideline. Any burned area should be cooled with running tap water for a minimum of timed 20 mins. This has shown to reduce the intensity of damage by burns to almost 50% as it halts the damage to the skin by cooling the skin and its components.


Do not apply ice/ice packs as it can lead to hypothermia which in turn is harmful for the patient.

C. Dressings

Do not apply home remedy measures such as turmeric and other such substances which only contaminates the wound and increases the chances of infection.


Before reaching the hospital, a clean cloth or cling film can be applied until seen by a doctor who then treats and applies the appropriate dressing

D. See a burn specialist

Burns are best treated by health professional who is professionally qualified and trained to treat burns as Burns treatment require expertise and experience and principles of Burn treatment is very different from other specialties.


Teaching of Burn treatment comes under the domain of Plastic Surgery and thus Plastic Surgeons are most qualified to treat Burns.

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