Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a vast and diverse field, the boundaries of which are difficult to determine. The principles of Plastic Surgery laid down by Gilles and Millard during evolution of Plastic Surgery branch, form the fundamental principles through which a Plastic Surgeon plans his/her surgery.

A Plastic Surgeon through his surgeries aims to restore (Reconstructive Plastic Surgery) or enhance (Cosmetic Surgery) both form and function of the body/body part which is being treated or being operated upon.

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery in Plastic Surgery refers to restoring the form and function of the injured/diseased body part which is planned for operation. The surgery aims to restore back the function, such that the patient can enjoy the same quality of life prior to injury/diseased.


This form of surgery is generally done for  –

Facio – maxilla Injury (FMI) Surgery

FMI surgery includes surgeries related to Face – any skin and soft tissue injury & treatment and fixation of fractures of the facial bones including the jaw bone (mandible), cheek bone (maxilla).


The treatment of face injuries at the right time by the right method is important as any deformity on the face is clearly visible and leads to less than ideal surgical outcomes. Any face injury can also leave a permanent deformed scar on the face which if visible can be worrisome for some patients.



We take pride in offering our services for both Reconstructive Surgery and Maxillo-facial trauma surgery under the leadership of Dr Abhay Agrawal and would be happy to book you for a consultation and see you.

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